I am happy to discuss a plan for your project by phone, email or in person at my office in Bury completely free of charge. This will allow us to work out what will be required and after planning I will provide a fixed quotation for the finished production.


Travel to any location in Greater Manchester (or within 20 miles of Bury) is included. For locations further than this please contact me for a quote.

If the filming location does not have on-site parking then this usually won’t be a problem if I am aware of this in advance.


Half day of filming (up to 5 hours) – £200
Full day of filming (up to 10 hours) – £300
Multiple full days of filming (up to 10 hours per day) – £250 per day

Post production & editing

Post production is charged at £25 per hour. A basic 3 minute interview video with a few B-roll shots and a title screen will take around one hour. A 15 minute presentation with multiple camera angles might take 2 hours. A promotional showreel with many different scenes could take 3 to 4 hours to edit.

Fixed price quotation

I will always provide a fixed quotation after discussing your requirements and regardless of the time taken I will stick to the agreed price. Small edits after completion can be done at no extra cost and if you want to make any major changes to the original plan then this can be arranged if necessary.


Additional lighting

Lighting is available for £50 per day (or half day) of filming. The style of filming that I do always looks best where there’s natural light but if this isn’t an option, and if the lighting at the location isn’t great, then extra lighting can be provided. This will require car parking and 240v mains power at the filming location.