Promotional videos

With the limitless possibilities available for video content you can use a highly creative approach to tell your customers about your business. From a simple video explaining what services you offer, to a “day-in-the-life” style video I can work with you to produce video content that informs, inspires or simply amuses your viewers.


A simple interview is a great way to get highly relevant information across to your potential customers quickly and efficiently.

Interviews can vary in style. Where a traditional TV interview would have a discussion between the interviewer and a guest, I can help you create a more engaging video by having the question displayed as text and then the answer provided by you, or someone from your company.

Luxury product videography

Using large-aperture prime lenses and slow motion close-ups I can help you show off your luxury products in style. This type of effect is great for high-end goods from food & drink to precision engineering.

Closed captions / subtitles

Particularly for social media, it’s worth considering having subtitles on your video content so that you can capture the attention of your viewers before they scroll past. This is always useful for any video that is placed in an area where people aren’t necessarily planning to watch your video.

With careful planning of the beginning part of your script you can grab attention that would otherwise go elsewhere.

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